April 21, 2009

inkworld series 2

Inkspell (original title: Tintenblut) is a young adult novel by Cornelia Funke. It was named the 2006 Book Sense Book of the Year in the Children's Literature category

Inkspell is the second novel in Cornelia Funke's Inkworld trilogy. The first novel, Inkheart, (2003) was critically acclaimed and was made into a major motion picture released in January 2009. The third novel, which was recently renamed Inkdeath was released September 28, 2007 in Germany.

This second part of the trilogy, Inkspell, published October 1, 2005, was originally unintended by the author. But as she states in the author's note, it was as her characters in the first book suggested: a story is never fully retained within the covers of a book, and she found herself wondering what would become of her characters after the somewhat ambiguous ending of Inkheart. Its German title, 'Tintenblut', literally translates: 'Inkblood'.

A year has passed, but not a day goes by without Meggie thinking of Inkheart, the book whose characters came to life. Resa is back, but she has no voice. For the fire-eater Dustfinger, the need to return to the tale has become desperate. When he finds a crooked storyteller ,Orpheus, to read him back, he abandons his apprentice Farid, and plunges into the pages. Soon Farid convinces Meggie to read him into the book so he can warn Dustfinger of Basta, and then become his apprentice once more. But this time, Meggie has figured out how to read herself and Farid into Inkheart. Suddenly, Mortola, Basta, Orpheus, and a "man built like a wardrobe" barge into Elinor's house, and take Mortimer, Resa, Elinor, and Darius prisoner, while Meggie and Farid have no idea what is happening in the other world. Orpheus reads Basta, Mortola, Mortimer, and Resa into Inkheart. Mortola gets her hands on a modern rifle, and shoots Mortimer. Resa discovers that her voice has come back to her. Resa and Mo are hiding with the strolling players, but now they have discovered that the injured Mo is the mysterious gentleman-robber, the "Bluejay". Now the Adderhead is out to get him, and he is itching to hang him, or kill his family in front of him. Mo and Resa are captured, and Mo is unable to escape because of his fatal wound. Meggie, Resa, and Mo all end up in the Adderhead's castle, while Meggie has made a bargain with the Adderhead that she will bind him a book of immortality if he lets her and those she names go free from the castle. What she neglects to tell the prince is that if three words are written in the book (heart, spell, death) the Adderhead will die instantly. This is a reference to the titles of the books. In the meanwhile, Farid and Dustfinger have sneaked into the castle using soot that causes invisibility, created by a communion of fire and water. Meggie and Farid fall in love. Farid is later killed by Basta (which leads to Mo killing him), so Dustfinger summons the White Women to bring Farid to life, sacrificing himself. Farid comes back to life and Meggie reads Orpheus into the story, although Orpheus refuses to admit that she read him into the book. Farid agrees to work for Orpheus as a servant if he writes something to bring Dustfinger back. But will he live up to the agreement and will Dustfinger ever come back?

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